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Last week I made a blog post over on my other blog sharing  a video with the sounds of frogs and loons at my cottage. Here is the link if you would like to listen, but you might want to listen after reading the entire post so you stay within this blog post for now 🙂  Listen to Frogs & Loons Blog   

There is a little story behind this blog post and it seems timely as May is Hearing Month.

My good friend who was with me at the cottage, is very hard of hearing. I am forever amazed at what I take for granted when it comes to hearing, and what she cannot hear.

I remember the day she got her hearing aids for the first time. We got into the car and her signal light had been left on and was ticking. She was freaked out and did not know what that sound was. Or flushing the toilet was mind blowing for her. And my favorite, the birds. She said “When I hear the birds chirping it’s barely there, but when I turn on and up my hearing aids, millions of birds!” It was truly a delight to ‘hear’ through her experience and to be reminded of the gift of hearing.

So last week at the cottage I thought I would video the sounds in the hopes that she could hear them by listening to the recording and turning it up. We have yet to listen to see if it worked as we have both been busy with other things, but she did go for a hearing appointment and found out that No, she is not able to hear sounds like this due to her range of hearing. 🙁

So my message to all of you is that if you have the gift of hearing the birds, the frogs, the loons, children laughing, rivers rushing, rain falling, and all of the wonderful sounds of life, be sure to appreciate it and enjoy it! Know that it is truly a gift and not everyone is that fortunate.

There is so much beauty in sound and let’s not forget music! There is so much beautiful and diverse music to enjoy and in so many ways. Get your happy on with music!

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So go today and listen for those things that bring a smile to your face and most of all have deep gratitude within your heart for all of the earthly gifts available for you to enjoy! is a Certified Life Coach who looks everyday for things to make her smile and to bring her Joy.  She thinks you should do this also. 🙂 🙂



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