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What to do with those Essential Oils

If you are like me you love essentials oils and are enjoying their benefits. I find I am becoming a collector of them. I also find that I am picking them up from different sources. Some have come in cases and some individual so I have collected quite a few. I was super excited when I came across this box tonight that holds 36 so I just had to share!

YouCopia® BottleStack™ 36-Bottle Essential Oil Organizer
For Canada Only

I think this will be a great way to store my collection. I am learning more about the benefits of essential oils all the time. They seem to be a very hot topic in the wellness world.

One of my new favorite uses is to put a few drops in my shower or bath. I’ve always done the lavender in my bath but now I am trying different oils and enjoying their scent when I shower… the steam is a lovely conduit for infusing the scent throughout the shower.

What are your favorite uses for essential oils and how do you store them?

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