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Depression, Anxiety & Heavy Metals

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Although a serious subject, I have included this cute joke that appeared on my FB wall today from a page called ‘Crafty Mommy’. I thought it was indeed cute but also had a deeper message that could be used when explaining some of the roles of heavy metals in the brain when it comes to depression and anxiety.

It has been said that depression affects about 120 million people worldwide each year and that number is growing!!

Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and others, can be factors in all of this. These metals are commonly found in our environment and can even be passed down from generations past according to Anthony Williams, Medical Medium.

Why the picture here? Depending on what metals are involved in a potential person’s situation, when it comes to depression and anxiety, and where the metals are sitting in the brain as well as how much fat is in the diet moving them through the bloodstream, they can, to keep it simple, create different reactions in the brain. For example, one person might ‘feel batty’, another feels lonely all the time and yet another may have paranoia, anxiety or OCD. When I saw this cartoon it immediately reminded me of this and I thought it would be a good teaching tool.

What can one do to be proactive about heavy metals?

One thing you can do is start with a Hair Mineral Analysis which can detect the presence of heavy metals and mineral imbalances in the body. These two factors go hand in hand by the way. For example high lead in the body can displace calcium in the body so there is a whole complex situation going on. I highly recommend hair mineral analysis as a starting point and working with a qualified practitioner to help you analyse and determine what to do once you get the results back.

Here is a link to more info on Hair Mineral Analysis: Info on Hair Mineral Analysis for Heavy Metals & Mineral Imbalances

A good idea for anyone is to do heavy metal detox smoothies. I highly recommend Anthony William’s, The Medical Medium protocol and you can learn more here:
Maggie Holbik Detox Smoothie Link for Medical Medium and Info

Maggie is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach who has taken an interest in heavy metals and their role in health. She is passionate about helping people to peel back the onion layer to see what elements are playing a role in their declining health or in maintaining their current good health and vibrancy. Health is Success!

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