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Healing With Ease

“Remember that ‘ease’ is the opposite of ‘disease’ …. let go…let it flow… let healing happen with EASE..” Maggie Holbik

Healing & Disease

When we think of the word disease it means the lack of ease. So with that said, healing of any kind can benefit from ‘ease’… the opposite of disease.

What are some ways to add ease to your healing?

  1. Let go.…. this is one of the first ways. Let go of the resistance to whatever is ailing you. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with something, or you have had an accident or set-back of some type, just relax and learn to lean into the acceptance of what is. We waste precious energy when we use it to try and analyze why something is happening to us or why we are not liking what is happening.

Our energies would be better spent focused on our healing and on allowing our healing to happen instead of using our precious energy stores to feel victimized or getting into the ‘why me’s’ 🙂

2. Know and believe that healing can be easy. For example, I am writing this blog post 2 weeks and 2 days post abdominal surgery where I have an incision from my pubic bone and up past my belly button and it has healed beautifully! Thirty five staples were removed two days ago and my wound is doing great.. perfectly healed and continuing to heal beautifully and with ease! I totally believe my body is amazing and that it can heal with ease and grace and it responds as such!

3. Trust. Trust in the divine process of healing and rejuvination. Our bodies are magnificent. The whole magnificance of creation is a miracle in itself, so why would we not continue to be a miracle throughout our entire lifetime?

When we trust in life itself, we trust in the power of our bodies, minds and spirits to heal. Trust is like a magic wand commanding it to be so. 🙂 Use trust along with ease and you will activate powerful healing forces that are available to and for you!

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