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Wild Blueberry Lemonade

What do you get when you combine these two superfoods that are both miraculous and nutrient dense? You get Wild Blueberry Lemonade that is both delicious and nutritious and looks delightful.

Thank you to Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium, for this wonderful recipe. It will be on my go-to recipe list for healing drinks. Blueberries have so many benefits and one of which is to assist in ridding the body of toxic metals so I encourage my clients who are suffering from heavy metal toxicity to eat more blueberries!

Here you go and enjoy:

Medical Medium Wild Blueberry Lemonade is a Certified Life Coach and Board Certified Natural Nutrition Clinical Nutritionist who works with clients from all over the world and helps them to determine their toxicity levels, find ways to lower their toxic load and to most importantly add in more nutrition to their life. Her clients are having tremendous success just from implementing small additions to their diet and lifestyle. You can learn more about her coaching packages at: Maggie’s Coaching Packages

Vitamins for the Body, Your Amazing Life

Nature’s Gifts


My hubby was cleaning up an area at the cottage a couple of weeks ago and when he showed me his work, thinking I would be impressed, he was surprised when I got upset! He had cleaned up alright. He had taken out some rhubarb that had magically appeared there the prior year. I assumed that a bird or the wind had graciously delivered the seeds to this new spot and was delighted that I now had rhubarb at the camp, but not anymore after his clean up job. 😦

Anyhow, I got over it, but I was so excited to discover this little gift when I looked this weekend! I declared “Thank you Universe!”. I was so happy to see this little rhubarb plant on this large patch of earth. There it was standing all by itself presenting itself as a gracious gift to us!! I was delighted and my hubby of course, felt much better then as he was off the hook. 🙂

Life is full of gifts if we take the time to appreciate them. I look at this rhubarb plant and think of all the nourishment and pleasure it can provide.

Here is a great article with Smoothie Recipes for Rhubarb

I hope you enjoy finding the gifts that are waiting for you and that you celebrate in them!

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Nutritionist who resides in NorthwesternOntario, Canada. Maggie delights in finding new ways to both use and prepare nutritious ingredients that are both healthy and pleasing to the palette.

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Consent Cards in Yoga Studios

Wow. I read this article today and thought it was great. It is about a way to show the yoga instructor, via consent cards, if you would like assistance that involves physical touch. Here is a snippet from the article:

“Studios distribute the cards, which are either made in-house or bought online, at the start of a yoga class with wording such as “yes” on one side and “no” on the other. Throughout the class, students can flip their card to whichever side they prefer so the teacher knows whether that person wants any physical assistance.

Yoga Consent Cards

“In the case of any type of abuse or even sexual abuse that some people face in their life, it’s an easy way for people to give consent to people touching them,” says Diana Butron, manager of Yogaspace in Toronto, which implemented the cards in May.”

I personally think this a great idea. As someone who is relatively new to yoga, I am not always comfortable in large classes when helpful yoga instructors attempt to show me how to do a posture correctly. Sometimes I love it and sometimes not so much so it would be really nice to have the option. And as a Life Coach I have often thought of the implications for those who are vulnerable to touch for various reasons such as abuse, so this is a great option and I am sure it will open up more people to the gift and benefits of yoga.

Here is a link to the full article. Consent Cards Creating Safe Space in Yoga Studios is a Life Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who helps people to enhance their lives through nutrition, eradicating fear, and finding more JOY!

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What to do with those Essential Oils

If you are like me you love essentials oils and are enjoying their benefits. I find I am becoming a collector of them. I also find that I am picking them up from different sources. Some have come in cases and some individual so I have collected quite a few. I was super excited when I came across this box tonight that holds 36 so I just had to share!

YouCopia® BottleStack™ 36-Bottle Essential Oil Organizer
For Canada Only

I think this will be a great way to store my collection. I am learning more about the benefits of essential oils all the time. They seem to be a very hot topic in the wellness world.

One of my new favorite uses is to put a few drops in my shower or bath. I’ve always done the lavender in my bath but now I am trying different oils and enjoying their scent when I shower… the steam is a lovely conduit for infusing the scent throughout the shower.

What are your favorite uses for essential oils and how do you store them?

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Celery Juice Bathtub

Every morning I prepare my celery for my celery juice in my celery juice “bathtub” which is a Pyrex container that I picked up a year or so ago a second hand store. Thank goodness for the person donating the wedding shower gift they never used. Lol. You know the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. 🙂

Everyday I make my life changing celery juice. If you are not yet a follower of Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium, and his celery juice protocol, be sure to check it out here:

Celery Juice has become a daily part of my “Nutrition IS the mission” lifestyle and I highly recommend it. Those that are implementing this are having life changing results especially in regard to regulating stomach acid and in improving digestive health.

Vitamins for the Body, Your Amazing Life

I Can’t Stop Looking at this Picture…

1 year review.png

I love the FB memories thing, but today when it came up, I was in for a shocker!

Looking at this picture from one year ago today (picture on the left) prompted me to take the picture on the right (just today) to compare the two. This was really a vulnerable experience for me and I debated whether to share it or not, but here I am.

I am amazed at the difference I see. It made me reflect on the changes I have been making in my life. As many of you know, I made a decision to NOT buy into the “I’m getting older” model and to flip it around to “I’m getting younger all the time and it’s working” model. 🙂 🙂

I have also coined a phrase for myself and for my nutritional practice which is “Nutrition IS the Mission”, and I am feeling really, really, good about the results I am seeing not only in myself, but in my clients.

When I look at these two pictures I realize yes, I have lost a lot of weight, but what gets me excited the most is how nourished I look in the 2nd picture. The weight is secondary to me. My skin looks so much better and I can see and feel an entirely different energy in picture #2. The person in picture #2 is embracing her health and the ability to transform it, and it’s working and it’s showing.

For me though most important is the personal empowerment I feel from knowing that changes can and do make a difference and I know that if they work for me, they can work for others. This is exciting!!!!

I do not aspire to any trendy diet, but focus on more nutrition, Joy and just more… more of the good stuff… especially fruit. I am an advocate of more fruit in the diet and even potatoes. Potatoes were something I did not eat, but now that I ‘know’ how good they are for us, I enjoy them like crazy. I really enjoy the work of Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium, and have learned from him and his teachings and that has been hugely helpful.

Another thing I am focusing on is removing heavy metals from my body and helping others with this as well. By adding in more nutrients and removing pathogens and heavy metals, we can help to balance our bodies and they can run at a more optimal level. Our bodies are always trying to heal us and when we support them, well they love it and do a better job at it. 🙂

Anyhow thanks for reading along and I truly appreciate your support by being here.

I feel as though my entire life has prepared me for this time and I am looking forward to sharing all that I have learned through my own personal experience and my nutritional education. I am excited to continue improving my own life and in helping others on their journey to healthier lives using Nutrition as a catalyst to healing and to making positive change.

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who loves life and believes that if you love life it will love you back. She is super excited to be offering Hair Mineral Analysis for her clients and feels the presence of heavy metals in the body can be a major player in one’s overall health and wellness. For more info

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Listen to the Sounds of Life

bird blue beauty

Last week I made a blog post over on my other blog sharing  a video with the sounds of frogs and loons at my cottage. Here is the link if you would like to listen, but you might want to listen after reading the entire post so you stay within this blog post for now 🙂  Listen to Frogs & Loons Blog   

There is a little story behind this blog post and it seems timely as May is Hearing Month.

My good friend who was with me at the cottage, is very hard of hearing. I am forever amazed at what I take for granted when it comes to hearing, and what she cannot hear.

I remember the day she got her hearing aids for the first time. We got into the car and her signal light had been left on and was ticking. She was freaked out and did not know what that sound was. Or flushing the toilet was mind blowing for her. And my favorite, the birds. She said “When I hear the birds chirping it’s barely there, but when I turn on and up my hearing aids, millions of birds!” It was truly a delight to ‘hear’ through her experience and to be reminded of the gift of hearing.

So last week at the cottage I thought I would video the sounds in the hopes that she could hear them by listening to the recording and turning it up. We have yet to listen to see if it worked as we have both been busy with other things, but she did go for a hearing appointment and found out that No, she is not able to hear sounds like this due to her range of hearing. 😦

So my message to all of you is that if you have the gift of hearing the birds, the frogs, the loons, children laughing, rivers rushing, rain falling, and all of the wonderful sounds of life, be sure to appreciate it and enjoy it! Know that it is truly a gift and not everyone is that fortunate.

There is so much beauty in sound and let’s not forget music! There is so much beautiful and diverse music to enjoy and in so many ways. Get your happy on with music!

music heart

So go today and listen for those things that bring a smile to your face and most of all have deep gratitude within your heart for all of the earthly gifts available for you to enjoy! is a Certified Life Coach who looks everyday for things to make her smile and to bring her Joy.  She thinks you should do this also. 🙂 🙂