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Watermelon – Eat It Anyway You Slice It!🍉💋🍉

Why Should You Eat Watermelon All Year Long?

Fruit is so beneficial for us and I truly see it as Nature’s Medicine.

We should be eating watermelons all year long. They are sooo good for us!

For one thing they are SUPER hydrating, coming in at about 92% water. They provide water, fiber and lots of nutrition like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These babies nourish every cell in your body!

They are also easily assimilated by the body and are utilized immediately. This is super for people who have digestive issues as they are not able to utilize their food as well as they should, meaning to break it down and extract the nutrition. Watermelon bypasses this problem and is like a direct hit of nutrition for the body. BAM! 👌︎✌︎

There are many ways to eat watermelon and there are many ways to slice it. Eat or slice it anyway you wish, but make sure you eat it and often!!

Here is a little video with one idea of how to prepare a watermelon for a gang or to prepare and keep in your fridge.

Watermelon slicing or carving

I hope you enJOY ♥ more watermelons in your daily diet. 🙂

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